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Western Cape

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Rene Goosen

Addy, Simon

SIMON ADDY’S philosophy is simple – life and painting does not need to be serious all the time.

His sardonic vision has given rise to his inimitable “commmedia dell arte” series, an ongoing pictorial saga of the ‘fool’ and his eternal quest for the solace of the grape.

Rendered with a passion and technical facility reminiscent of the Old Masters – luminous, detailed, often Turneresque in style, ranging in size from miniature to monumental and rather serious. Simon’s landscapes evoke the spirit of the Eastern Highlands’ bleached winter grasses, veld fires, and old stone houses under brooding skies. His travels in search of soulful scenery produce moody studies of wintry Natal Midlands river-courses and wetlands, and deserted Northern Cape farmhouses.

Simon’s copywriting skills and deep appreciation of the bounty of the vine, has inspired his delightful “Jester ” series – unfolding sagas of journeys and yearnings that only Cabernet can assuage.

His forays into wildlife painting have resulted in charming studies of guinea-fowl, and his raptor portraits capture the dark, fierce majesty of black eagle, falcon and sparrow-hawk. Simon prefers working in acrylic on board or canvas, experimenting with texture and technique. His landscapes investigate the drama of change, whether by fire, flood, or the ravages of time. His humour surfaces in a variety of cabernet soaked characters enduring various trials in pursuit of their favourite beverage. He has completed many commissions of farmhouses and personalized ‘Cabernet Portraits’.

Simon has received and executed many commissions through the years. These have included typical ’Fool’ type paintings with the client as the jester and personalized with the clients idiosyncrasies. Other commissions have been farmhouse landscapes with special meaning for the owners.